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As healthcare delivery grows in complexity, providers and patients are increasingly challenged to assure that care is well-coordinated and communicated. Especially at times of major care transition, such as the hospital discharge to home, the need for a timely, accurate, and safe "hand-over" can mean the difference between a healthy recovery or a poor outcome, such as a hospital readmission. Equally crucial is for patients and families to understand their own roles in managing chronic health conditions, adhering to prescribed medications, and staying alert for warning signs. HCIF’s past and current initiatives in care transitions and health literacy have addressed the need for all stakeholders – providers and patients alike – to collaborate in improving the performance of the healthcare system.

SEPA-READS (Southeastern Pennsylvania Regional Enhancements Addressing Disconnects in Cardiovascular Health Communication)

The PAVE Project (“Preventing AVoidable Episodes: Smoothing the Way for Better Transitions”)