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The Partnership for Patient Care (PPC) is a collaboration with Independence which began in 2006 to accelerate the adoption of evidence-based clinical practices by pooling the resources, knowledge, and efforts of healthcare providers. This unique collaboration between payer and providers has been recognized as a national model. In December 2008, Independence renewed its support of the Partnership for Patient Care with funding of $3 million from 2009 through 2011. Click here to see the press release.

Current Partnership for Patient Care initiatives include:

  • HCIF has launched its newest Partnership for Patient Care initiative entitled the Pennsylvania Urologic Regional Collaborative (PURC). PURC brings major urology practices together from across the 5-county SE PA region in a physician-led multi-year data-sharing and improvement collaborative aimed at advancing the quality of diagnosis and care for men with prostate cancer. Six organizations participating in this evidence-based medicine initiative include urology practices and departments affiliated with Temple University Hospital, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Einstein Healthcare Network, University of Pennsylvania Health System and Urology Health Specialists. The goal is to expand participation to other urologic providers across the region after the first year. Dr. Robert Uzzo, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at Fox Chase Cancer Center serves as PURC’s Executive Director. Dr. Marc Smaldone, practicing urologist and Assistant Professor of Urologic Oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center has agreed to be the collaborative clinical champion and advise HCIF in program design, recruitment, implementation and evaluation. PURC provides urology practices with a mechanism for performance measurement and reporting, as well as comparative, risk-adjusted data reported in real time to drive quality improvement. By participating in the nation’s first urologic data registry, providers will be able to benchmark their performance and outcomes to other participating providers across SE PA, Michigan, South Carolina and at the University of North Carolina. ArborMetrix, a leading healthcare analytics and software firm is providing the analytic and data registry services for this collaborative. The collaborative is modeled after the successful Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MUSIC), a consortium of urology practices across Michigan representing over 90% of practicing urologists in the state. For more information about this collaborative, please contact Project Leaders, Pam Braun or Claudette Fonshell
  • Launched in January 2014, Emergency Transition Advances (ETA) is a PPC initiative focused on improving transitions to and from the emergency department (ED), with a focus on transitions between EDs and community settings (e.g., home, skilled nursing facilities). This project builds on Preventing AVoidable Episodes (PAVE), a past PPC project that addressed care transitions from inpatient settings, and seeks to begin a dialogue with regional hospitals around quality in the ED and the ED’s role in care transitions. Over 20 hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and payers have joined the collaborative and have contributed important insights to this dialogue through participation in workgroups exploring promising practices in three areas: easing transitions between EDs and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), addressing frequent ED use, and improving ED discharge and follow up processes. For more information, please contact Project Manager Susan Cosgrove
  • Obstetric Adverse Events was selected by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as one of its 11 top priorities under the Partnership for Patients program. CMS estimates that 30% of adverse obstetrical events are preventable. They have challenged organizations across the U.S. to reduce these events by 50% by December 2013. The Obstetric Adverse Events collaborative launched in May 2012 with conferences in Philadelphia and Monroeville. Click here for more information.